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Friday, September 24, 2010

Reynolds Blue Ridge Business After Hours (9/23/10)

For this month's Business After Hours, Chamber Members and Staff ventured up to the Blue Ridge Parkway to visit Reynolds Blue Ridge, which is a developer that is located, as best as we could put it, on a mountain top.  The venture was driving up towards Boone, then turning on to the Blue Ridge Parkway for quite a drive, then turning on a road when seemed like was taking us back down the mountain.  Up close views of the mountains, the sunset and the beautiful houses that are definitely atleast a million dollars for the land, sure made the trip enjoyable.  When we did arrive, we were amazed at the view the gazebo, which was our shelter, gave to us as we enjoyed a delicious catered meal with fresh fruit, artichoke dip, and even seasoned pork tenderloin.  Throughout the time, two blues musicians by the name of "Pops" and Clyde Ferguson who are from Wilkes County.  We all wined, dined, and had fun spending time together.  Our host, Jim Pitts, also had door prizes for those lucky business cards that were selected won plaid picnic blankets.  Again, we would like to thank Reynolds Blue Ridge for hosting this month's Business After Hours and showing us a great time!
Delicious Food

Enjoying the food and time together

Relaxing on a mountain

Musicians "Pops" and Clyde Ferguson

Dancing the Night Away