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Monday, August 30, 2010

Hampton Inn Business After Hours (8/19/10)

It's time for some FUN in the SUN!

As the summer of 2010 rolls in to a close, the August Business After Hours was themed to be a dedication to the heat by having a Summer Block Party!  Hampton Inn was gracious enough to host the event both inside and outside since the weather was indecisive. There was hours of entertainment from games, delicious food from the "cook-out," and lots of fun.

The Hampton Inn provided games of all sorts to keep attendees busy with a wind tunnel full of prizes, a super-sized Wii, and several other games that required skill to win.  Those who won or accomplished the goal won a raffle ticket for prizes like Starbucks, iTunes, and gas gift cards.  A real treat for everyone was a dunking booth set up outside with the general manager as the "volunteer."  She was gracious to be dunked about a dozen times.

For the food, the hotel provided almost everything that is at a normal "cook-out" to feed all of the people including hot dogs, hamburgers, corndogs, chips, drinks, cookies, and even cake for those who stuck around long enough.  Just imagine it as an picnic indoors with air conditioning!

Also at the event was the launch of the new tourism website by the Wilkes Chamber of Commerce.  This is the result of a new brand put in place to help promote tourism to the area and business to local companies.

Everyone who attended had a great time! The food was great, the games were fun and entertaining, as well as many familiar faces that brought the laughs. As the summer ends, the Business After Hours will continue throughout the rest of the year, so keep you eye out for when the next one is!